Fashion Week: If You Think The Clothes Are A Waste Of Time, Wait 'Til You Hear About The Hair

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The New York Times sent one of its writers, Natasha Singer, to stand in as a hair assistant backstage at the Réyes runway show during fashion week. Singer, who admits, "I don't know how to properly handle my own hair," was faced with the daunting task of styling Rapunzel-locked models' hair in a "fresh and modern" look. "The idea is to make it look natural, only better," a Bumble and Bumble stylist told Singer. "But a natural look is one of the most difficult to do well." This particular "natural look" was achieved by brushing the hair, applying styling product, kneading the hair, crimping it with the hands and blow-drying it halfway, a process that took about an hour.

When Singer was finished, she says, another stylist informed her that "the result looked too perfect. So she deliberately messed it up to create a more lived-in look." The models arrived at 8 a.m. and all of the hair was done by 10:30, at which point the designer's stylist announced it needed to look more polished. Since the show was supposed to start at 11:00, a frenzy to smooth each model's hair — with flat irons, curling irons and hands — was suddenly underway. Of course, many of the models were wearing hats. And twenty minutes later, the show was over — and the models headed out, "ruining in two minutes the hair that had taken hours of artifice to make natural looking." What we find amusing is that somewhere in the subtext, Singer seems to know that this enormous waste of time and effort is kind of silly, but never just comes out and says so. Also: Using a curling iron to get a "natural" look boggles the mind.

A Spritz Here, a Jitter or Two There [NY Times]

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