Fashion Week Attendees: We Might Actually Vote, If The White House Was A Less Boring Color

As this interview on the upcoming presidential with sundry Fashion Week attendees conducted by roving Wonkette videographer (and Bikram yoga teacher) Liz Glover can attest, the overarching theme of Fashion Week is, "Don't worry guys, it's okay to be totally stupid." Or as Dodai remarked when I told her yesterday the touching tale of how Paris Hilton once explained the Enron scandal to Brandon Davis, "I can't decide if it's depressing that Paris just gave me hope for humanity." It sure is! Hey guys, guess what? Keep up this blissful ignorance thing you've got going much longer, and watch your right to express your individuality through idiotic outfits get repealed!


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so you totally took me off guard, Mo, cuz i assumed that 'white' was a pun for white people (not the color of my clothes), and let's face it, they're boring.

but i think that the answer russell simmons gave wasn't all that bad (for someone who probably doesn't pay much attention to politics)