Fur sales are up! And the world's cold-weather mammals can thank the citizens of China and Russia for the disturbing development. (Maybe it was that Fendi show on the Great Wall back in October?) But before us environment and animal-loving types condemn two nations with a combined population of 1.5 billion, did you know that wearing the pelts of mammals such as mink, sable and chinchilla is the new way to "go green"? Says Keith Kaplan of the Fur Information Council of America (check out his "12 Days of Christmas... In Fur Style!"): "Fur is the grand-daddy of green. It comes from a renewable, sustainable resource. There is very little pollution involved in the production of it and it is biodegradeable." One question: If mink farmers have to electrocute the animals internally in order to "leave their pelts intact", doesn't the use of that electricity count as carbon emission? [Times Of London]