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Fashion Show

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Fashion designer Erin Fetherston (left) is more infamous than famous (though her current collection for Target might change that soon enough) as one of the few female designers Anna Wintour has smiled upon in Vogue's hallowed pages. The hipster equivalent of a socialite, Fetherston is photographed with more regularity than her clothes, and her designs — hyper-feminine, possibly infantilizing, occasionally precious, and always pretty — are loved by some, hated by others. A liveblog from Fetherston's Fall 2008 collection begins after the jump, with images from the show to come later. (Click on image to view.)

I'm in the 4th row and my swag is a bottle of volumizing hair lotion...but the rows ahead of me have extra items, more as you move closer to front row. I want to steal someone else's swag bag because I see NARS make-up. Also, because I am not someone with a town car, I bucked convention and dressed down; Anna Wintour would not approve.

People are slowly trickling in. No Wintour yet though.

So many ppl sched to be here: Anne Hathaway, all the Misshapes, all the Vogue VIPs, Sarah Sophie Flicker, Simon Doonan. They have quite the front row. I am in the section opposite the Elle group. Nina Garcia is scheduled to be here. The front row all have black roses in their seats. Maybe we're at a funeral?


I just overheard one of the FIT students who serve as ushers say, "This music they're playing makes me feel inappropriate." I have no clue what that means, but I love it.

Leigh Lezark just got here. She is very smiley. If she keeps it up, they aren't going to call her Princess Coldstare anymore.

Wintour not here yet. Garcia not here yet. Horyn not here yet. Mary Alice Stephenson is here and doing on-camera interviews? She is very tall. The front row is still pretty much empty. Some really thin girl just walked by, wearing Erin. She looks lost. And just had her picture taken.

Damon Dash is supposed to be in front row, too, but he's not here yet either.

This is taking forever. However, it smells like gardenias in here, which is lovely. Maybe black silk roses actually smell of gardenias?


Arden wohl is here, and wearing one of the Erin headpieces from last season. I never thought I would say these words: it looks cool.

7:25 PM
Anne Hathaway just arrived; She's wearing some sparkly sheath, from what I can tell, with a little maroon jacket? She looks very pretty. I like Anne Hathaway because she looks like she could be someone you might know.


Omg!!!! "Noted fashion photographer" Nigel Barker is here!!

Sarah Sophie Flicker's arrived, also wearing Erin. These girls are in front of me and the flashbulbs are making ME see spots!


Ugh I can't tell if I just got the stink eye from someone at ELLE.

Jesus Christ, forget the models - all the other girls here are crazy thin. And the fact that so many are wearing Erin and now look like they have even more juvenile bodies isn't helping.


I am totally becoming increasingly paranoid about my lack of effort in dressing up this evening. Everyone is dressed like when you used to play faeries and dress up when you were little. They all look elfin and sparkly and miniature-sized.

7:30 PM
Skeletor - aka Rachel Zoe - has arrived. All the photographers have run over to take her picture
She's wearing Erin from last season. A one-shouldered, full-skirted dress that comes past the knee;
it is gray and has sparkled. She looks like a kindergartener.


Damon Dash is one seat over from Rachel Zoe. I wish they were next to each other. I would love to know what they talk about.

Okay, show starting. [Finally. -Ed.]

Wow whatever song this is, I think I love it.

Opening look is awesome - totally Marc Jacobs early punk: Long coat, black knit hat, long dress.
Second look is short flowery dress with black blazer. It's all totally grunge.


Ah, now here's a more erin-esque look: Some black pants with a high-waist in silk, with a silk black blouse. And a cape-coat.

Erin's entire show last season was in shades of white; it appears she's playing with shades of black now. This collection is totally in direct relation to last season. Also, several Asian and black models so far!


There's this chartreuse silk dress now. The faux Chanel suit out now I don't dig as much.

Teen Vogue is gonna have a field day with this collection.

There are all these really trippy florals mixed in. It's all flowy, but not shapeless. And the dresses are shorter, not floor-length. Not hippy-dippy as Tim Gunn would say. Also, sequins abound!


The pants are really awkward, but clearly it is intentional. They kinda bunch at the bottom.

It's funny, because obviously the models are all young, so the clothes look strangely appropriate for 14-year olds. 14-year olds with expense accounts. We'll totally be seeing this on Gossip Girl.


The palette's expanded into reds, maroons, purples; little princess necklines and ballet skirts. I wonder what this all will look like on someone older? And by that I mean my age. [23. -Ed.]

This one dress now is fierce: Really architectural, black. One shoulder. Super short.


Now were into long dresses in the florals again, and I think they're really cool. And she"s closing with white. The girls look half-dead, half-possessed.

Everyone is whispering and murmuring about this one model who looks terrifying. She's like a ghost. Possessed. And near death. Really, really thin. But also with a crazy look in her eyes.


Ending with the white was really eerie after all the black. It definitely made a strong statement. It evoked something almost emotional. The dark looks all looked...alive. The white made you feel like you've died, somehow.

It was one of the strongest emotional reactions I've ever had to a show: My stomach literally did a flip when that scary model came out in the first white look.


I did see Wintour, by the way, but she snuck out immediately at end. As for the music, the last song was CSS. I'll find out who did the other music by morning.