John Galliano tapped to create his own fragrance by capturing "his DNA in scent form" (We imagine that means an equine-like odor crossed with patchouli with a top-note of ball-sweat). This sounds suspiciously like Tom Ford's crotch-rot Black Orchid! [WWD]

Maybe Galliano can reverse the slide among women ages 18-24, who don't seem to be buying perfume at all. [WWD]

In other news about long-haired Frenchmen: Reese Witherspoon is Olivier Theyskens' new muse, in no small part because of her "nonchalance". Um, isn't this the actress who's known as Little Miss Type-A?. [WWD]

Is Zoe Cassavetes Jennifer Jason Leigh to Sofia Coppola's Bridget Fonda? Both have done films with titles alluding to the difficulties of human connection. And Zoe now has her own French-electronica musician-boytoy to play with! [WWD]