Last night in New York, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted its latest members — and Madonna officially became a legend, bitches! But some of our other all-time favorite musicians were there last night, as both honorees and performers: Iggy Pop, Patti LaBelle, Leonard Cohen, John Mellencamp, Lou Reed, Joan Jett, Ben Harper — seriously, this is like half of my iTunes, no joke. Hollywooders — Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, Michael J. Fox, Ed Burns — were also there, and on the whole, everyone rocked the red carpet. Except for Madonna. (Oy.) The full Good, Bad, and Ugly of the 2008 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Awards, after the jump.

The Good:

Ed Burns and Christy Turlington aren't so rock 'n' roll, but gosh and golly they look lovely.

Jerry Butler: One class act.


Dear Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan: You make me heart happy.

Does Chevy Chase's wristband mean he's old enough to drink?


I know I should hate Damien Rice's poseur maroon suit. But I sorta love it.

Leonard Cohen: He's your man.


Ben Harper can steal my kisses!

Nom nom Tom Hanks in glasses.


John Mellencamp: Way to rebel and ditch the tie.

Seth Meyers stays classy.


While Richard Belzer busts a move.

Princess of Firyal of Jordan looks like a Tory Burch ad.

The Bad:


Has Miss Patti been vacationing at Del Boca Vista?

God bless Iggy Pop for still rocking the shirtless chest and leather pants. That doesn't mean I have to like the look of it, though.


Joan Jett: See above.

The Ugly:


Even a love affair with Laurie Anderson doesn't compensate for Lou Reed's douchey attitude and leather suit.

Madonna, Madonna, Madonna: What the fuck are you wearing? The sorta see-through dress, the bow tie, the boots. Ugh.


[Images via FilmMagic.]