Fashion Really Is Child's Play

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If we were The New York Times' Cathy Horyn, we'd be a little nervous right now. See, there's a new fashion critic in town, and she's fresh, young, and shares our love for all things Hello Kitty. In yesterday's copy of The Daily (the gossipy, photo-filled newsletter distributed in the tents at Bryant Park) Elle editor-in-chief Roberta Myers' 7-year old daughter Francesca made her critical debut. When asked what her mom has taught her about life in the front-row, she replied:

You have to look out for FANCY... Fashion in general is really pretty.

Love it! After all, who needs 800 words when it can be done in just 10?! (Also, tell us "Look out for FANCY!" doesn't sound like something that could have passed the lips of the great Diana Vreeland.)

Young Francesca also shares that she spent the summer at a musical theatre camp where she "played a puppy in a production of 101 Dalmatians and an elephant in the Lion King. I did a crazy dance and ran across the stage." Whoah — she talks fashion and can sing and dance? And she hasn't been banned from like a good 30% of New York shows?! Yeah, Cathy Horyn might as well start packing her desk, like, 10 minutes ago.

Meet Our New Mini Fashion Critic, Francesca [The Daily]

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Singing, dancing, fashionista-ing...this is the bitch who stole the Bratz movie gig from Paula Abdul, right?