Fashion PR Lady Kelly Cutrone Is So Boss

Kelly Cutrone is the owner of fashion PR company People's Revolution, where Whitney from The Hills is now working. This weekend, MTV ran a documentary about Fashion Week following Kelly and her assistant Stefanie as they prepared for the fall shows, and we got a glimpse at how super awesome she is. First of all, our hats are off to anyone who successfully works in fashion, yet cares more about the work than the fashion. Kelly's style is akin to the "blogger's look": No bra, no makeup, baggy shirts, tired face, and hair so dirty it looks wet. She seems like a tough boss, but appreciative just the same. Clip above.

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@ULookinAtMyJunk is the Hate Mitigator: I think (and this is just a guess), based on how the eggs are plated both times, that they are take-out from a breakfast joint. If you notice, the first batch of egg whites comes out of a carry-out aluminum bowl.

@Justlikekatie: I promise, later in the episode she ran into the girl's mom in the hallway and told her how amazing her daughter is and apologized like ten times for keeping her so busy during fashion week. I think the woman genuinely appreciates her staff; I think you don't want to get on her bad side during her busy time.

@brendastarlet: She produces the some of the most successful fashion shows to build up new houses into some of the biggest clients in the business. If you really were a prospective client, you would probably seriously consider her. She didn't get to be a pseudo-tyrant by doing a mediocre job, you know. The woman knows what she's doing.

A lot of you clearly haven't seen the whole episode — believe me, there is another side to Kelly Cutrone and she can clearly be a sweet and reasonable person. This little video thing culls together her bitchiest moments from the whole thing. Seriously, watching her behind the scenes at Fashion Week, she's not only appreciative of her staff, but she gives them all hugs, tells them all they're the best, and her assisstant gets singled out for not just praise but a surprise birthday party set up and thrown by Kelly.

I've been waiting all morning for this: KELLY WAS IN MY DREAMS LAST NIGHT. I went to bed about an hour after watching The Hills and she totally followed me around all night telling me what to do and how to dress and telling me that I looked like crap, and whatever (it was like a long version of the "all black, no boobs, no piercings, etc." speech she gave on the Hills). I don't remember being upset — I think in the dream I laughed at her most of the time — but this morning I definitly put on blush and lipstick before going to work. HA!