Fashion Models: Total Cows

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Poor models! In response to the uproar over their alarmingly emaciated physiques, the catwalkers are about to have working regulations imposed on them (and their employers) by the British Fashion Council. Lady Kingsmill, chairwoman of the Council's Model Health Inquiry, had some interesting things to say to today's Guardian, namely, that in the future, models may be able to sue fashion designers and magazine editors if they feel their health has been endangered. (!) In addition, says the paper:

But even if the inquiry does iron out the kinks in the British fashion industry, it will not resolve the problems within the industry as a whole. Anecdotal evidence, said Lady Kingsmill, suggested that "pastoral care of models" in Britain was better than it was elsewhere."

We're all for models bulking up to healthier weights, but subtly equating them with farm animals ain't gonna help matters!

Watch Your Step: Fashion Industry Told To 'Grow Up' Over Models' Health And Safety
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Yeah, and then here in America, people can sue Disney for all their "Happily ever After"-Movie-Fantasies.