Fashion Films: Is Anybody Buying What These Brands Are Selling?

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In the new film The Science Of Sexy, Dita Von Teese plays a bespectacled scientist who turns into… Dita Von Teese. Her lab coat gives way to lingerie. This movie has already been viewed over 200,000 times, but not in a theater: It's playing on YouTube. The short film is produced by Wonderbra, and, as Oliver Horton writes for the International Herald Tribune, the "fashion film" is having a moment. Prada has released two animated short films, and Louis Vuitton produced one as well. Of course, not matter how fancy they appear to be, these "fashion films" are really just commercials.But when you're a luxury brand, you're special. You don't want to seem low-rent, like a dishwashing detergent. So you're can't just make a commercial. You've got to make a film, and it's got to be for the interwebs. Marcus Black, the editor of Specialten, a bimonthly magazine on DVD, explains: "Magazines are losing out to computers. What people are sitting in front of is where advertisers want to be." But here's the question: Does it work? Do people who wouldn't otherwise be interested in Prada see the trippy Trembled Blossoms and buy a Prada bag? How about that existential crisis LV ad? (I was in a movie theater when the Louis Vuitton commercial appeared on screen and people in the audience actually hissed.) As for Dita, at least her "film" is straightforward: No mythical beasts or sense of ennui. Just a great-looking gal in well-fitting bra. Wouldn't you buy that?

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I'm gonna say it. This is fucking stupid and insulting. Watching Miss Von Teese teeter around in heels and sway does not make me want the bra. Also, scientists can be sexy. Also? Jerry Lewis did The Nutty Professor 1000 times better than her.

I think it's official. My Dita Backlash has begun.