Last night marked the opening of the newly remodeled Fendi store in Beverly Hills. Which means some celebs turned up wearing Fendi to have their picture taken and probably bitch about how this event wasn't half as much fun as throwing down at the Great Wall of China. But alas, the majority of the fashions on display were disappointing! Could Mandy Moore look any more frumpy? Lindsay Lohan's tits were hanging out, Samantha Harris seemed to have missed the memo about actually getting dressed up for the event, and God bless Justine Bateman, who's still living in the early '90s and thinking that boots are acceptable footwear with a pretty dress. The good, bad, and the ugly, Fendi-style, after the jump.

The Good:
Rose McGowan's ballerina dress is divine even if the shoes are all wrong.

I want to rip this look off of Camilla Alves and put it on myself.


Kate Mara: Polished and playful.

The cut is a little awkward, yet Keisha Whitaker totally rocks it.


The Bad:
Lindsay Lohan looks big in all the wrong places. And, um, boobs.

Did Samantha Harris think the event was being held in a grocery store?


Dana Delaney's dress isn't technically "bad." It just looks more Gap than Fendi.

The Ugly:
Justine Bateman: You're living in the past, man!


[All images via Getty.]