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There's an identity crisis going on at The New York Times. T, the paper's fashion magazine, printed a photograph of a 17-year-old female model's bare (though blurred) breast. Some readers called it child pornography. Public Editor/ombudsman Clark Hoyt claims that since T is delivered to homes with the Sunday paper whether the readers want it or not, there is "a special burden on the Times to be well inside the boundaries of good taste." Craig Whitney, the editor in charge of maintaining Times standards, says if he'd seen the pictures before they were published, he would have asked for them to be deleted, because he thinks they are "tawdry." Hoyt believes the Times made a mistake in printing the picture. "The problem with being edgy," he writes, "is that, sometimes, you fall over the edge." [NY Times]

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@Namennayo: Yes, many teenaged girls are natually skinny, but the AVERAGE teenaged girl is not adulated for this or encouraged to get skinnier. I don't blame her for a naturally thin body (though I would be very surprised if there were not some kind of eating disorder, though I've been wrong before), I criticize the fashion industry for inundating the market with body images like this that, on MOST women, would be very unhealthy.