After the Oscars on Sunday, celebs went into hiding. The only stars out last night were the ones attending the Hip Hop Summit Awards, held here in New York. It was sort of a disappointment, fashion-wise, after living and breathing Academy Awards red carpet madness. But some old school faves like LL Cool J, left, and Snoop Dogg were there to represent. Also looking sharp? George Lucas! Anyone know what he has to do with hip-hop? But mainly, fashion failed: Chrisette Michele, Ciara, Mona Scott-Young, Lanz, and Tiffany Evans just didn't step up their style. The good, bad, and the ugly of the Hip Hop Summit Awards, after the jump.

The Good:
Snoop Dogg: Still kickin' it old-school.

George Lucas looked polished and Melody Hobson looks pretty. Love that super big necklace: Glamorama!

Aleisha Butterfield: Tits on display, but in a classy way.


The Bad:
Chrisette Michele: Too many sequins.

I just don't need to be forced to stare at Ciara's boobs like this.


Mona Scott-Young wears one of the few muumuus I just can't get behind. She's lost in it!

The Ugly:
Dear Tiffany Evans, shiny pants are not flattering. Love, Me.


No, Lanz. Just. No.

[Images via FilmMagic and Getty.]