Farrah Abraham Dresses as Frozen's Elsa to Promote Her Plastic Vagina

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Because nothing says "sexually gratifying love product" like dressing as a princess whose sole power is turning everything frigid. Or maybe she was making a statement? Based on these pictures, probably not.


In case you weren't up on your Teen Mom news, Farrah Abraham has decided to buy into her porn star fame and has licensed the use of her vagina and anal cavity (I imagine that's how they make the butthole, right?) to be made into high-tech sex toys for private home use. And she stopped by the Hustler Store in San Diego to hawk her wares and spread a little magic via real-feel vaginal substitutes.

Obviously Farrah can wear whatever she wants to this thing, and this little tidbit about her continued road to success wouldn't even be a blip on the news radar except for one thing: The.costume.is.atrocious. No, seriously. It's like a knockoff of a knockoff of an Elsa costume. Party City would probably not sell this. It would be the last costume left at 5:37 on Halloween at the Spirit store (Truth: Their ghoul logo still scares me). And what about what's going on with her legs? Is that white paint meant to look like fake snow or did she just crawl out of a dormant volcano? Is it an HD powder malfunction?

I have so many questions, but the one I have the most is this: Why dress up as a children's character for an event that is meant to promote a realistic bust of your genitals? What about that screams Disney? Is Farrah trying to subvert the stereotype that Disney Princesses are sexless young women who exist only to learn important life lessons like "sisterhood is magic?" What is the message here? Or is the message that life is a meaningless void and that one shouldn't try to make sense of why Farrah Abraham does what she does for more than two hundred words even though it is one's job? What's that, universe? Perhaps one should just post the pictures and move on to the next post?

::shudders into uncontrollable existential crisis::

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I just made a realistic replica of my side eye. I'm going to place it in various public locations next to anything that is deserving of a good side eye.