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Do you know the 6 Most Problematic Situations In Barbie History? Click to read 'em all, but here are some high lowlights: In 1965, Slumber Party Barbie came with a book called How To Lose Weight. Inside? Two words: "Don't eat." In 1992, Teen Talk Barbie infamously uttered the words "Math class is tough!" The same year, Earring Magic Ken came with what appeared to be a chrome cock ring. In 1997, Mattel pulled a black Barbie from shelves because she was sponsored by Oreo. Also in 1997? Share A Smile Becky, Barbie's friend in a wheelchair, hit toy stores. But a 17-year-old girl with cerebral palsy tried to put the doll in Barbie’s Dream House and couldn’t get the wheelchair through the doorway. Whoops! [Blog Of Hilarity]


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Erin Gloria Ryan

My most problematic Barbie moment was the fact that I had approximately 70 Barbies/Barbie's brunette or ethnic friends and approximately 1 Ken, thus I began chopping off Barbie's hair and turning her head around backwards (so she'd be flat chested) and making her into a homemade Ken.