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Fantasia Hospitalized After Overdose, Possible Suicide Attempt

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Fantasia Barrino was hospitalized last night after overdosing on aspirin and sleeping pills. Her manager says she was "overwhelmed by the lawsuit and media attention" related to her relationship with a married man and it seems she tried to commit suicide.
  • According to the police report, which was classified "801- suicide," Fantasia was found in the closet of her North Carolina home by her manager. [Radar]
  • Fantasia is stable now and is expected to be released from the hospital soon. She's been seeing Antwaun Cook for the past year and yesterday reports surfaced that his wife Paula Cook has filed a complaint against him for cheating. Her manager said in a statement, "Fantasia believed Mr. Cook when he told her he was not happy in his marriage and his heart was not in it... [She] read Mrs. Cook's Complaint against Mr. Cook for the first time yesterday... Fantasia is heartbroken and is sorry for any pain she may have caused." [TMZ]
  • Former NFL player Mark Fields was arrested on Sunday for allegedly beating and choking the mother of his 6-year-old daughter. [TMZ]
  • The parole hearing for Mark David Chapman, John Lennon's killer, has been postponed for a month. [AP]
  • Ron Jeremy wants to assure everyone that Charlie Sheen was totally sober when they were at the Playboy Mansion last week. Uh, that wasn't why we were disturbed by Charlie partying after being sentenced for assaulting his wife. [TMZ]
  • Snooki is mad a President Obama for saying he doesn't know who she is on The View. "I know he knows who I am," said Snooki. "Why did he have to lie and say he didn't know me? He did say Snooki and JWoww about the tanning stuff and now he doesn't know who I am? He has to stop lying." [E!]
  • The current mayor of Wasilla says his advice for Levi Johnston is "Get your high school diploma and keep your clothes on," because, "voters like it that way." [TMZ]
  • In this video from Atlanta's Fox 5 News, Jason Schwartzman and Michael Cera attempt to read the weather and get run over by a virtual bus. [N.Y. Mag]
  • Michael Lohan will shoot a reality show in L.A. based on his web series Celebrity House N.Y.. [X17]
  • Check out this photo of an 18-year-old Conan O'Brien in a grass skirt for some insight into his time at Harvard. [The Wrap]
  • According to Ryan Seacrest's Tweets, Ryan Murphy says Britney Spears will appear on Glee, and he wants to do Prince, Beatles, and Michael Jackson episodes. [ONTD]
  • Ryan Murphy confirmed, "Britney, I think 100 percent, is going to be on the episode." [People]
  • Glee's Mark Salling is "super stoked" to announce his upcoming album Pipe Dreams! [ONTD]
  • Start the countdown: The Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, with music and lyrics by Bono and the Edge, will open on November 14. [NYT]
  • Lost's Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn want to do a TV project together. Emerson says they're looking for something more lighthearted that acknowledges their "age and frailty." [AP]
  • The University of Texas is trying to raise $30,000 to preserve Scarlett O'Hara's gowns from Gone With The Wind. [AP]
  • The new issue of Elle features shots of Justin Bieber photographing Kim Kardashian in lingerie. Kim Tweets, "The theme of the shoot was The Graduate, for obvious reasons, LOL." Eww. [Us]
  • There are so many things wrong with the cover for the Kardashian Konfidential, starting with the Kardashians releasing a book. [E!]
  • Danny McBride or Rhys Darby may replace Steve Carell on The Office. [EW]
  • Sophie Turner says she's not involved in Spencer Pratt's "tactless project" Tower 69: Beach Patrol Featuring 3D Boobs. She Tweeted, "For the record, I would never work on such a distasteful and degrading to women project that Spencer Pratt has tried to link me to." [Radar]
  • Danielle Staub is holding her 48th birthday party tonight at Scores strip club. [Radar]
  • Teresa Giudice says her daughters, who are 9, 6, 5, and 11 months, aren't too young to wear makeup. "They see their mommy doing it and they want to do whatever mommy does," says Teresa, "It's just lip gloss." [Us]
  • One year after the Taylor Swift incident, Kanye West will return to perform at the MTV VMAs. [Us]
  • When asked if she'll ever do another TV series, Tina Fey said, "It's entirely possible. I do think the Mad Men/HBO model of 13 [episodes] per season is elegant and civilized. So that's what I'd want to look at." [Deadline]
  • True Blood's Kristin Bauer says, "The other day I realized as long as I'm in this business, I'm going to be hungry... The camera really does add 10 pounds. I'm trying to stay under the weight I want to look like on TV. It's a good incentive to stay slim and is probably adding years to my life... I'm vegetarian, so I live on carbs, but it's always an effort. After any wardrobe fitting, I hit the gym three times more than the week before." [Us]