Fan Threatens On Twitter To Murder Dominic Monaghan 'Mark David Chapman'-Style

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Dominic Monaghan, the one-time hobbit I’d most like to get second breakfast with, recently received a death threat via tweet from a purported “fan,” in which she alluded to the murder of former Beatle John Lennon.


According to TMZ, a woman named Meredith McLarty has continued to contact the saddest sadboy on J.J. Abrams’ fictional island since 2014. Even though Monaghan filed a restraining order against her in 2015, and though the parameters of the court order have been clear, the emails and tweets have reportedly been more or less unrelenting.

Earlier this month, McLarty threatened the actor by strongly invoking the name of Lennon’s killer, tweeting, “Three words ...Mark David Chapman...” to the former Lost star.

She then posted a follow-up: “Save #domswildthings.”

Considering that Lennon was fatally gunned down by Chapman in 1980 outside of the Dakota, and that Monaghan’s Twitter handle is @domswildthings—yeah, this is a pretty serious matter.

Despite a warrant for her arrest, McLarty is now on the lam, with authorities searching for her whereabouts. [TMZ]

The family of Katt Williams, whose name has cropped up in the media again after a video surfaced of Williams punching out a teenager, wants the comedian hospitalized. Williams’ response? His “so-called family” are only “broke bitches” out for his dollar dollar bills. Lovely.


As TMZ reports, the concerns of Williams’ family began years before the comedian’s latest altercation, which occurred after a stand-up gig at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center, in which Williams got into it with a 17 year-old on March 25.

“Katt’s suspicions have grown to the point he fired his entire team ... a team he says has been fleecing him.

The family begs to differ, claiming Katt needs help. A source close to Katt tells us the comedian is so off the rails, he was found naked and covered in chocolate when cops raided his house earlier this month.

Katt says that’s just how he rolls ... and it wasn’t just chocolate, there was whipped cream too and he ‘likes a bitch to lick it off him before he gets f***** to sleep.’”


Ambien works too, you know. [TMZ]

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Happy Easter, y’all. My local wine bar is having an adult Easter egg hunt later on this afternoon. I have no idea what it entails but I’m there.