Family May Let Bobbi Kristina Die on Anniversary of Whitney's Death

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On February 11, 2012, Whitney Houston was found in a bathtub and three years later, her daughter was found in a similar situation. Now Bobbi Kristina's family may take Whitney's daughter off of life support on the anniversary of Whitney's death.


The daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has been in a medically-induced coma for over one week and shown no improvement. Over the weekend, according to Page Six, Cissy Houston, Bobbi Kristina's grandmother, suggested removing her from life support on Wednesday, February 11.

The Browns gave their blessing to pull the plug at the stroke of midnight to align the date with the 2012 passing of the legendary singer at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Director and actor Tyler Perry has reportedly been the broker of peace between the Brown and Houston families and tasked with coordinating the 21-year-old's funeral.

Police are still investigating the events surrounding Bobbi Kristina being found in her bathtub on January 31. It's just all extremely sad.

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When my oldest sister died, it was because doctors didn't know what to do to save her. She just faded. Oct 16, 1983.

When my youngest sister died from the same disease 11 years later, my parents made the choice to unplug her. Oct 22, 1994.

Having the anniversaries be a week apart is rough. Had my parents done it the way the Brown family did, I wouldn't have blamed them. I'm kinda scratching my head at how awful some of these comments are. if you've ever had to make that choice (and fight with family members, because some won't let it happen—i.e., my mother, until she finally realized yeah, my kid's brain dead and there is nothing in the world that will save her) you know how hard it is. If you haven't, it might not make sense, but... I don't know. It hurts my heart to read it, I can't