Fallen Foot Arches... So Hot Right Now!

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Camilla Morton is seriously, seriously anti-Crocs. So are we, especially since we saw original hot douche-tard Jared Leto parading around in a silver pair last year. But Morton, author of the book Girl for All Seasons: The Year in High Heels, feels similarly about all manners of casual dress, from running sneakers to ballet flats, and calls upon women to wear 6-inch stilettos to assert their sexiness and femininity. We hate footwear that makes the human race look like a parade of clown-footed goofs too, but is this bitch crazy? Six inches? Our dogs start barking after a few blocks in three-inch wedges, so maybe we're just too amateur to our respect our inner womanhood this much. After all, Morton says:

Heels are one of the most potent weapons a woman has, so why not stand on that portable pedestal and admire the view?

And then admire it in reverse — flat on your face!

Put Yourself On A 6-In Pedestal [Telegraph]

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I don't think I've ever seen a pair of heels over 5" that didn't have the accompanying platform. I remember looking at the Frederick's of Hollywood catalog years ago, and there was a definite point past which heel height stopped looking attractive and started looking over-the-top, cheap, and fetishy.

Really, I think the only people who can physically pull off unplatformed 6" heels might be... guys with enormously large feet.

Have you guys ever looked closely at a woman's ankles when she walks in heels? I've seen a lot of them wobble with every step - the ankle tilts in and it's pretty scary-looking.

I own quite a few pairs of sexy and impractical shoes, but my Crocs and my Earth Shoes get more wear.