Fake Cancer Bride Is Soooo Sorry for Faking Cancer

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Back in 2010, a charming young woman named Jessica Vega faked cancer to trick her boyfriend (and the father of her child) into marrying her. Not only did Vega end up getting her proposal, but she also received a free wedding dress, free makeup for her bridal party, free bar tab and a free honeymoon in Aruba thanks to contributions from sympathetic donors.


Following the wedding, her husband Michael O'Connell (who himself is no peach) began to grow suspicious regarding the state of her health and, upon investigation, discovered that his new wife was, in fact, not suffering from a terminal illness. O'Connell immediately filed for divorce, while Vega spent fifty days in jail for fraud and was forced to pay back over $13K to donors.


A couple years have passed and what has changed? Vega is a free woman and — what the what?! — is back with O'Connell. Hey, Vega notes, "You can't help who you love."

Has serving jail time and coming close to losing everything she holds dear given Vega a new perspective on the whole "telling everyone you have leukemia to get what you want" thing? Certainly. And now she wants us to know that she's sorry in the way that she's totally not sorry. After all, she got what she wanted and, this, ladies and gentlemen, is the stuff romantic comedies are made from.

Fake Cancer Bride's Husband 'Tried to Hate Her' [GMA]

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Here's the thing: Normal, happy, healthy people don't lie about having an illness, terminal or otherwise.

And while I understand the outcry, and agree that it's horrifying that she took money from generous pockets- she's still sick. .. just not in the way she said she was.

She still needs treatment. She still needs a doctor's care. And she'll still need people to stand by her when she recovers - because she has a mental illness... .that being said, who knows if it's something that could ever be treated, but I digress.

We have a girlfriend who faked an illness for a LONG time... her parents nearly divorced, she failed her classes, spent most of the year in the hospital as they tried to find the cause of her various symptoms... and when she finally came out of the closet, no on seemed to get that she WAS actually sick... I understand the hurt, but these are not the acts of rational people.

My two cents..