Faith Hill Packs On The Pounds For Good Housekeeping

Just us, or did Faith Hill put on a little bulk for the holiday season? Because over the summer she posed for Redbook, and looked like that, and then now for the December issue of Good Housekeeping she looks like...well, a little better-suited to a magazine with no fewer than 893 holiday recipes! Anyway, we're just playin, and we're glad that Faith didn't cut her ties with Redbook/GH parent Hearst since those overzealous photoshop artists cleaved all that muscle tissue off her arm, because in December's GH we learn about Faith's daughter Audrey, who embarrassed a family friend when she told him she had a "vagina wedgie," and her other daughter Gracie, who when redecorating her room said, "I don't care what it looks like as long as it's not classy." (Her third daughter, Maggie, wanted her room painted in "the colors of the African sky.") And we learn Faith's favorite guilty pleasure: Lay's barbecue potato chips, real coke and baking cookies with her kiddies! Meanwhile back at Redbook...


They found a new pop-country chanteuse to differentiate themselves from the cookie exchange crowd over at GH: Shania Twain! (I know, I couldn't really tell them apart before now, either.) Anyway, Shania may look slim — and decidedly, uh, un-December, — right now, but wait till Easter! She'll be sharing her ham recipes and displaying her muffin top like an old hag.

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