Faint For Robb Stark And Professor Snape In The Trailer For A Promise

This movie trailer for A Promise with Professor Snape and Robb Stark Alan Rickman and Richard Madden is the most foofy, beautiful thing ever put together in an editing bay.

It's like someone reached into my 22-year-old mind and created a movie with every single element that made me swoon and go OMG I WANT TO LOVE SOMEONE I CAN'T HAVE, TOO. It has fancy British sexual repression, people running after trains, breathy embraces, sexy piano serenades and whole lot more. It has lots of those things people like me think romance is going to be all about when they are 20, except one day you wake up and realize that man you had all that "unspoken, lustful gazing" bullshit with is on the couch in a pair of Spiderman boxer shorts, trying to figure out what the weird smell on the bottom of his foot is. No but kids seriously tho, love is wonderful. Don't listen to the 39-year-old me.

All this movie trailer needs is a couple of doves flying in slow motion and a voice over going "theirs was a love that could never be bound by society..." and this would be the world's most perfect trailer. I'm definitely going to go see this. Probably twice. ALAN RICKMAN FOREVER.

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I don't understand. Why, WHY, if one has Alan Rickman, would one pine for Pasty-Faced Boy Who Sniffs Pianos? Have we not seen "Truly, Madly, Deeply"? (Seriously, people, track it down ASAP.)