Facebook Wants You to Shop From Your NewsFeed, for Some Reason

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Most of us consider Facebook a way to see old friends' weddings, babies and flamewars about NOBAMA. The company's execs, however, have grander ambitions: Now they want you to shop and purchase crap right from your NewsFeed. I guess they weren't seeing enough fights over organic baby food?

Facebook announced Thursday that they're testing a "buy" button on ads and Page posts, specifically with small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. TechCrunch says they're not charging businesses—not yet, of course. They're obviously after another revenue stream, though, even if it's a weird one. (And Twitter and Snapchat are making similar moves.) But if any social network puts me in the mood to shop, it's Pinterest, or maybe Instagram. Platforms built on pretty things.

Facebook, on the other hand, just makes me want to dole out chill pills. This is going to feel like shopping at the world's saddest, most run-down mall.


Then again, I've spent real money on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Hell, maybe it'll make a mint.

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I started playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood this past weekend. I can see how one would easily be suckered into paying real money. It takes forever to do anything, so I usually give up and forget about it, and then when I come back to it my fans are pissed because I've disappeared for so long. If I just paid up, I could get all the energy I need for D-list level photo shoots.

These are my problems.

Edited to add: I've spent real money on Westbound.