Facebook Jerks Want to 'Beat the Shit' Out of Teresa Giudice's 5-Year-Old Daughter

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It began innocuously enough on Monday when someone from Bravo posted picture of Milania Giudice to The Real Houswives of New Jersey Facebook page asking fans of the reality show to "share" if they missed Teresa's daughter, who was absent from the most recent episode. It has since devolved into a mess of nearly 1200 comments talking shit on the little girl's personality and appearance, calling her names like "bitch" and "troll," and more disturbingly, many users expressed their desire to physically harm her. She's five.


The craziest thing about the vicious comments is that they aren't anonymous. People's real names and pictures are directly connected to the disgusting things they've said about a child. It makes it all so much more absurd and senseless. Here, I'd always thought that the more hateful comments on the Internet were made by angry, ignorant young people who have nothing better to do with their time. Evidently, that's not true! Case in point, Linda L Goolsby, a grandmother of seven, is not above calling a child ugly:

there is nothing cute about her, she is ugly inside and out. she has the worst mother and father there ever is.

Then there's 50-ish Angie Costillo, who isn't afraid of going on the record about child abuse:

Now thats one little girl I would love to put over my knees and whip the shit out of! I know I'll get some flack from that comment but come on people those kids have no RESPECT thanks to their parents. Their parents could use an ass whipping as well!

Of course, many shared Angie's opinion of corporal punishment.

Betty Harris-Stokes: you need a real good spanking !!
Irene Neill Cassata: cute dress,but the kid needs a smack and manners!
Casey Fusco: Ewww she needs a slap! Brat!
Deanna DeStefano Hummel: Your kids need an ass whooping they are disrespectful brats wait the apple never falls to far from the tree or in this case "Tre"


Shirley Shir-li Friedman appears to be a mother of a child who is roughly Milania's age, but this hasn't softened her opinion of the little girl:

Oh and...yeah the girl's ugly as a toad and does not have one ounce of cuteness from he coarse hair that has been flattened to her rough voice. No, no, make her go a way to her grandma is sicily or something.


Plenty others joined in with her.

Eric Lambert: gross,not cute at all!
Jenn Duivenvoorde: I think she needs a brow wax!
Blackie Gandy: I don't like them bugged eyed mosquito flies
Jana Bellar McElhaney: Not a cute kid at all poor thing
Walter Remick: I feel bad for the kid, she has her mother's hairline.
Heidi Boucher: whats wrong with her legs!lol
Justice Peace: The ugly little evil abusive strange looking troll..she has to be the schools' bully.


And then there were those that stuck with good old fashioned name calling.

Tango Lima: lil bitch.
Anna Colelli Bradley: She's a little shit!
Brian K. Frontuto: this kid is spoiled ROTTEN and is about as bright as the mother and headed for a tough life with spoiled ways.
Tanya Wynn: The Guidice girls are going to be just like the Kardashian clan. A bunch of people getting famous for doing absolutely nothing. And Teresa is just like Kris Kardashian pimping her kids for money. Guess we have another scripted sex tape coming.
Diana Caporale: I never thought I would say this in my LIFETIME, but I absolutely HATE this little girl!!! BIGGEST BRAT ON BRAVO!!!!!
Amber Russell: Does anyone else find it ironic that the two who resemble Teresa the most, Gia and Milania, are absolute psychotic brats!!!! Teresa needs her tubes tied... actually, she should've had them tied the day Joe proposed to her. One of the most horrible families I have ever seen!!!


And in case you thought any of this commentary was too harsh for a five-year-old little girl, Candace Marie Kelloren explains why it's actually OK:

For those saying let's not forget she;s a child, let's not forget that she is an ABUSIVE child and beats her sisters. So save the sympathy card because she is a CHILD ABUSER.


You see, Milania asked for it!

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I would never hit a kid, but she really is insufferable. I blame her parents.