Facebook Deletes The Shade Room's Account [UPDATED]

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The Facebook page for the popular gossip outlet The Shade Room was deleted Monday, reportedly by the powers that be at Facebook and without explanation.


In the past year, The Shade Room has quickly become a reliable gossip news source (initially via Instagram), known for its breaking scoops about black stars (and kinda-stars) and for keeping an impressively close watch on celebrity social media habits (for example, when Nicki Minaj likes an Instagram photo).

The Shade Room tweeted in response to Nieman Lab’s question about the deletion:

Last December, BuzzFeed profiled Shade Room founder Angie Nwandu, in a piece that addressed the site’s increasing popularity—as well as its increasing potential for getting in legal trouble over copyright issues.

Most of the photos it posts are from celebrities’ social media accounts, but The Shade Room also posts photos without attribution — and could start facing expensive licensing fees. (“Sometimes we’ll use Getty and things like that,” Nwandu said. “We try to stay away from using the professional photos all the time, but we want to get to a place where we can just buy photos.”)

The Shade Room’s Instagram page is also now private [UPDATE: the account is no longer private), and for a period today, links to Instagram from their Twitter account led to an error page.

We reached out to both Shade Room and Facebook for comment and will update as necessary.


UPDATE (8:36 p.m.): A Facebook rep confirmed that The Shade Room’s account was deleted because it violated Facebook’s community standards. The rep also stated that Shade Room can go through an appeals process if they choose.

(4/19/16, 2:07 p.m.): The Facebook rep specifies that Shade Room’s account was removed for copyright violations.

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Facebook will rush to delete a celeb gossip page but will allow various hate pages and pages devoted to abuse stay up forever. Interesting.