Eyebrows: The New Thing It's Your Duty To Obsess Over

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On July 16, in The New York Times, William Van Meter wrote, "The newest trend in eyebrows is to get rid of them altogether." A headline in today's Times reads: "After Overplucking, It's Time To Call The Professionals." Oh dear.


Apparently Overplucking is a Thing. (Funny how this happens after the Times declared eyebrowlessness a trend.) Anyway: There are kits and specialists and pencils and transplants.


This news comes after the American Apparel eyebrow memo and the ceremonial bleaching of the brows on America's Next Top Model. Not to mention the fact that we know who does Michelle Obama's brows.

Breasts are an old standby. We've already focused on the butt (thanks, J. Lo), the abs (Britney, circa "Slave 4 U") and in early 2009, we spent an inordinate amount of time on the arms. Maybe it's eyebrows' turn. At least, unlike some other body parts which get fetishized, they're on your face: People can look you in the eye as they judge you.


After Overplucking, It's Time To Call The Professionals [NY Times]

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I am obsessed with my eyebrows. I pluck them daily (or twice daily sometimes) since I suit slim brows but was born with woolly caterpillars above each eye.

I also dye them every 2 weeks and draw them in everyday before setting them with hairspray of MAC Browfix to stop them moving in the course of a day.

It had never occurred to me that this was an obsession or at all weird until about 5 minutes ago...