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Experts Claim Southern Kids Are Spanked More

Illustration for article titled Experts Claim Southern Kids Are Spanked More

Sociologist Brian P. Hinote says many parents in the Bible Belt are tolerant of spanking, citing the phrase, "spare the rod, spoil the child." Southern kids are apparently spanked in school more as well...something we didn't realize was legal. [UPI]


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Huh. I live in Florida, and I haven't heard of anyone being spanked/hit in school in decades. But I was paddled in school in PA in 1970 when I was in seventh grade. I went to a Christian school at the time, and my teacher caught me chewing gum as I walked out of the classroom on a Friday afternoon. I already had two "marks" for talking that week, and if we had three, we got paddled. She pulled me aside and said that gum chewing was my third offense, so after everyone left she paddled me as well as a boy in the class who often misbehaved.

I hope she was proud of herself. After that I was so pissed off at her that I wouldn't talk to her unless I had to for the rest of the school year. I thought her behavior was shameful.