Experts Agree: Vaginoplasty Is Stupid, Unnecessary, & Dangerous

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We sorta figured out on our own that unnecessary cosmetic surgery on your vagina is bad for you, but now a report from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is making it official. According to the report, there are no studies or scientific data supporting the efficacy of procedures such as "vaginal rejuvenation," "designer vaginoplasty," and "G-spot stimulation." Oh, and the report says that it's possible that someone could take a knife or syringe to you down there, but there's no real proof that they've changed anything for the better (or changed anything at all) because "standard medical nomenclature" is not used in regards to the procedure. Yikes! But what we found most troubling was this:

Also of concern are ethical issues associated with the marketing of these procedures and the national franchising in this field. Such a business model that controls the dissemination of scientific knowledge is troubling.

As you'll remember, we investigated this whole bullshit business of vaginoplasty a few months back. We showed our (very normal) labia to some doctors, who we found through an extensive print campaign advertising the performance of the procedure, and through a PR firm that the one of the doctors hired to get the word out there about vaginoplasty.

When we had those appointments with the doctors, only one of them mentioned the incredibly important possibility that sensation could be altered or lost in the clitoris if we were to go ahead with the procedure. Neither of them mentioned the other potential complications listed in the ACOG report: "infection, dyspareunia, adhesions, and scarring." The doctors seriously acted like it was no big deal that we'd be interested in surgically altering our vagina when it was so clearly not needed, which leads us to the ACOG's next point:

It is deceptive to give the impression that vaginal rejuvenation, designer vaginoplasty, revirgination, G-spot amplification are accepted and routine surgical practices. Absence of data supporting the safety and efficacy of these procedures makes their recommendation untenable.


E!'s plastic surgery reality series Dr. 90210 has featured a few vaginoplasties as performed by Dr. David Matlock, who is credited by many as being a catalyst for the procedure's growing popularity, as he's treated over 3,000 women and trained over 150 doctors to do the procedure. It should be noted that the Medical Board of California tried to revoke this guy's license in 1998, alleging insurance fraud, dishonesty and negligent care to two patients, according to state records. In 2000, he was placed on probation for four years.

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TNT Freckles McGee

@ElleDriver: I opened up my local paper today on the EL to discover a smiling 41 year old proclaiming that she had this surgery in a "news" article about this procedure. I kept thinking it must have taken some guts to proclaim this to the world/city.