Expensive Shoes Get Ugly • Learn Proper Umbrella Etiquette

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Boot porn: who knew that shoes could be this ugly and expensive? (The gems on the left cost $1,350. Yee haw!) •


• Oh God: It is Spanx for your arms! Or rather, industrial strength tape to hide your excess skin on your upper arms.• More women are entering sports journalism but they are mostly expected to look hot, not to know anything about sports.• Here are some photos of Madonna's rumored Brazilian boy toy, Jesus Luz, who doesn't look a day over 16.• From Yves to Men's Vogue, Refinery29 made a list of the top 50 fashion-related brands/magazines/people that the world lost in 2008.• Don't just wrap up presents this holiday season: Trojan has launched a new holiday campaign where artists create short videos to promote condoms and Trojan donates condoms for every time a video is watched. • The Fug Girls list off the ten things they learned from celebrity fashion this year. Top of their list? Shopping a lot doesn't make you a fashion designer and always do the opposite of Solange Knowles, sartorial-wise.• Racialicious has republished the personal essay "The Not Rape Epidemic" from Yes Means Yes.• Two English women who worked in the Land Girls army during WWII reunited recently only to find that they lived just minutes away from each other.• Stella McCartney is opening up a shop near the Jardins du Palais Royal in Paris.• Craving a Burberry umbrella? Not sure on what is the proper etiquette for umbrella sidewalk-sharing? Read the Bumbershoot Manifesto.• Everything you ever wanted to know about the sexual life of spiders, but were too afraid to ask. • British scientists are working on a "sex chip" to stimulate pleasure centers of the brain with electric shocks.• With the economy going down, will women splurge on simple luxuries like lipstick over previous extravagant splurges? Economists think they will and they are calling it "the lipstick effect."•



It's sad because when I first read that I considered buying it. I would like to say reason would be what would stop me but I just don't think the product would work.

oh god I hate my arms.