On last night's episode of Exiled, Marissa, the girl who got two cars for her 16th birthday (her dad owns a dealership) was shipped off to live in a rural village in India. Marissa was sent away not because she's an intolerable brat, but because she has a failure-to-thrive condition, brought on by her parents' incessant babying of her. Marissa seemed sweeter than most of the kids seen so far on Exiled, and even she was pissed off that her parents hadn't taught her basic survival skills, like how to sweep a floor or boil water. While trying to make conversation with her host about what she does for fun in America, Marissa made the grave mistake of pulling out her bikini (she didn't even try it on) and the host got offended at the indecency of the outfit and told her that she would be beaten for wearing it. Clip above.