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Exiled Teen Says Stupid Things To Her Host Family

This week on Exiled, Meleny, a 20-year-old from Long Island and the proud owner of Juicy Couture velour tracksuits in every color of the rainbow, was sent to live in the mountains of Peru. When she got there and got a look at the sub-standard (her standards, mind you) living conditions, she cried and informed her host that she didn't want to do any work. She was later offered a fried guinea pig as a gift and the next morning, threw it all up (to be honest, when I visited Peru in March, it was a meal of guinea pig that finally loosened my bowels after an 8-day stretch of being stopped up.) Sick of all her whining, her host ended up telling her that she says "stupid things." Clip above.


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Maybe this is a dumb question - but how are these people so fluent in English? I only see clips here, so maybe the Host Families are not as remote as I'm assuming.