Remember Ava from My Super Sweet 16? She's the half-Jewish, half-Persian Beverly Hills girl who said "Ew" when her fathered suggested he get her a pre-owned Range Rover for her birthday instead of a brand new one. She's also most memorable for traveling all the way to Paris to shop for her party dress, and tried on a hideous, breast-hugging Cavalli gown that for some reason, is tattooed on my brain. (Photo of that after the jump.) Last night, Ava was one of the subjects of Exiled, and she was shipped off to "a remote part of Thailand" to live with a family who makes their money by selling elephant dung. One of Ava's jobs was to shovel up and bag the poop, and she complained about it so much that she ended up getting in a fight with her host, and then refused to finish the job. Clip above.

Illustration for article titled iExiled/i Spoiler Alert: Beverly Hills Princess Doesnt Like The Smell Of Elephant Shit

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