Last night's episode of Exiled featured the first "spoiled teen" boy to be shipped off in order to learn a lesson. If you don't remember, Bjorn is the kid who, during his episode of My Super Sweet 16, referred to himself as a "divo" (that's his male version of "diva"). He asked for a diamond bracelet for his birthday, threw a tantrum, and then for some reason (Boones, maybe?), ralphed at his party. For this episode, he was sent to Morocco, to pick up camel dung with his hands, and search for fossils in caves. Bjorn's reaction to his host family's home is kind of priceless (he steps out of his car holding a Chanel handbag). What he didn't know at the time was that this was probably the most luxurious accommodation a host family on this show has provided thus far, as the house had window panes and running water.


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