Ex-Pageant Queen Wants To Leave Sex Rehab To Get Her Extensions Done

On last night's episode, a hostile Kari Ann Peniche—of McSteamy sex-tape infamy—insisted on leaving treatment "for an hour or two" to run errands, like getting extensions. Dr. Drew felt that drugs were the real cause for her behavior.

Although they are only three days into treatment, Kari Ann has spent the entire time in bed. She repeatedly denied any drug use, but Dr. Drew wasn't so convinced. He felt that her moodiness and fatigue were signs of withdrawal, and that she invented a laundry list of excuses—literally, one of the errands she wanted to run was to do her laundry—to leave rehab for the day to find her stash and use. She called her manager and told him that she wanted to leave the show/facility for good, despite his pleas. (He'd be out of his 10% if she did.)

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Errands Ms. Peniche needed to run:

1.) Clean bathtub.

2.) Clean bathtub.


4.) Sign up for an addiction-themed reality show, then be unrepentant and even refuse to admit you have a problem. This way, you have a backup 'if' you're singularly lame 'sex tape' fails to snag you that guest judge spot on ANTM. #sexrehabwithdrdrewkariannpenic...