Ex-Mrs. Ronald Reagan and screen legend Jane Wyman passed away today at the age of 93. Best known for her role on the TV series Falcon Crest, Wyman possessed a sort of tact and class notably absent from today's tabloid stars. On her policy of not speaking about her former husband, she once said: "[I]t's bad taste to talk about ex-husbands and ex-wives, that's all. Also, I don't know a damn thing about politics." [CNN]


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Not only was she a righteous bitch in Falcon Crest, she was also in this 1950s Douglas Sirk movie called "All That Heaven Allows" where she falls in love with the hunky gardner (Rock Hudson!). It is crazy, heavy-duty melodrama, saturated in Glorious Technicolor, but I am such an old-movie geek, I love it.