Ex-Komen Executive Karen Handel Writing Memoir on How Planned Parenthood Is Mean

Remember Karen Handel, the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate-cum-Susan G. Komen For the Cure executive who played a pretty key role in the breast cancer charity's spectacular public implosion? Remember how she quit in a huff and went on what could only be called a press tour wherein she took every opportunity to blame Planned Parenthood for the fallout in a way that can only be described as Planned Victimhood? Well, Karen Handel is not going away without a fight. She's got a book coming out this fall that will set the public straight on what she believes was an ABORTION CONSPIRACY designed to TAKE HER DOWN. And the title? Planned Bullyhood. Oh, sa-nap!

But the best part of this entire public tantrum isn't Handel's dogged tenacity in the Fight to Tell Everyone that Planned Parenthood is Bad, or the book's title, which sounds like the punch line of a Bazooka Joe comic joke, if Bazooka Joe was owned by the same folks who own Chick fil A. It's the book's release date: September 11.


Never forget.



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