Ex-Girlfriend Creeped Out That Hugh Hefner Is Dating Teens

On last night's Girls Next Door, Hef's ex-GF, Barbi Benton, came by the Playboy mansion to attend a roller disco party and meet the three new girlfriends. She said she found it "spooky" that the 83-year-old is dating teenagers.

You'd think she'd be used to this shit by now, considering that she broke up with Hef in 1976, and has remained close to him since. Still, she seems to understand him and says that she's happy that he's happy.


Erin Gloria Ryan

If my ex were a super old sort of pervy guy who I dated at the peak of my pinup hotness and several years later I discovered that his life was still same shit, different blonde (except now he's so old that his sperm doesn't even work), I'll tell you how I'd be spending my time: mercilessly making fun of him to any and all who would listen. He would be my number one "Oh, hell no, are you serious?" story that I'd share with relative strangers in bars.

I'll tell you how I wouldn't be spending my time: going to visit him and his new crop of vagina. This was a perfect opportunity for a "live and learn" sort of epiphany for Barbi Benton, but rather than learning, she's going back to the scene of the crime. What? Don't go back there, Barbi! Write something hilarious about it! #girlsnextdoorbarbibenton