Ewan McGregor Represents "The World's Great Wildness" Cologne

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  • Is no one safe from the lure of Designer Fragrance? Ewan McGregor is the face of Davidoff "Adventure." The cologne "explores uncharted fragrance territory. Its fresh spicy woody composition is daring and elemental, inspired by the world's great wildernesses and raw, masculine emotion." [BlackBook]
  • Avril Lavigne's clothing line for Kohl's goes the way of Lauren Conrad...one way express to the bargain bin. [Perez Hilton]
  • Teen Vogue launches book (presumably for teens) on getting into the fashion industry. "It's set to be a sort of archive of interviews with different people in fashion - designers, photographers, models, editors, etc. and meant to teach young Teen Vogue readers about what it takes to break into the industry." Seems like a cruel hoax. [Fashionista]
  • NY Times fashion writer goes shopping for expensive stuff. "At Barneys, I saw a terrific wool pencil skirt by Mr. Jacobs with an elastic grosgrain waist - just pull it on! Considering the name and the quality of the fit, it seemed a good buy at $495." [NYT]
  • Pre-fab girl group Danity Kane (they who made the band) launch a "funky denim" line for Dollhouse. Unclear how the collaboration will work/ whether P. "I am King" Diddy is involved. [TeamSugar]
  • American Apparel brings pervy vertically-integrated manufacturing to China! [WWD]
  • Urban fails to find an Anthropologie prez, splits the job in-house. [WSJ]
  • There is a misconception afoot that we are vitally interested in every detail of Madonna's "Sticky and Sweet" toilette. "This year she'll be using Shu Uemura eye-lash curlers - three pairs to be exact, four YSL lipsticks, 180 ear buds (that's a ration of three per night), 200 triangle sponges to apply her make-up and 120 powder puffs." [ElleUK]
  • After disappointments from its other, um, sponsorees, Nike pins its hopes on promising men's basketball team. [MSNBC]
  • Okay, this is weird —while everyone else in the world is down, Gymboree is, for some reason up 38%. [WSJ]
  • Whitney Port leaves old "job" for new "job." [Fashionista]
  • Australian Project Runway contestant claims she was subject to bullying in school. "My best friends started calling me derogatory terms and started saying things to put me down, like I was nothing," the 17-year-old told Confidential allies in Melbourne. Obviously, she adds, it was due to jealousy. [News.com.au]
  • Feelings continue to run high - inexplicably, positive feelings - about Crocs. [Newsweek]
  • Steve and Barry's bought out by Bay Harbor; SJP's "Bitten" part of the package. [BW]
  • Mirage Prada store appears in Texas desert. It's art. [Jossip]
  • Avril's not the only one hurting at Kohl's: they fire CEO, name new one. [WSJ]
  • Models, maybe measuring their thighs. Yes. [Fabsugar]
  • Apparently unable to break habits of a lifetime, people now merely walking around malls for fun instead of shopping. [LAT]
  • We really don't envy Patrick Robinson right now. Here's another CAN HE TURN THE GAP AROUND?!?! story. "Fashion magazines have heralded the recent arrival of Mr. Robinson at Gap in reverential tones (he is actually called a "megabrand messiah" in the September issue of Elle), and the windows announce in big block letters that a "New Shape" is in store. But there has not yet been a seismic return of shoppers to a retail chain that stopped being cool around the time Abercrombie opened its doors with a reinvented brand." [NYT]
  • MTV's new Model Maker apparently centers around making thin women lose more weigh. Boring and unhealthy! [The Cut]
  • Fashion line Belstaff teams up with George Clooney, Audi, in support of Tibet. "Earlier this year, Belstaff showed its commitment to international charitable causes by releasing a range of Free Tibet jackets - a cause that has been close to the brand's heart since meeting the Dalai Lama in 2004." [VogueUK]
  • Anna Sui protests the destruction of New York's garment district (menaced by new zoning laws) with a "Save the Grament District" tee. Hey, she's a designer, what do you want? [Fashionista]
  • On October 30, Christie's holds retrospective auction of iconoclastic design. "Resurrection: Avant-Garde Fashion, an extensive collection of 20th century fashion previously held in private hands, will be sold in London at the South Kensington saleroom. The auction includes items from designers from the 1960s to the 1990s who challenged cherished norms with new materials and innovative ways of cutting fabric." [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Heads: "mustard" is a trend we will all be avoiding this fall. [FabSugar]

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Stranger Bird

@CreoleSugar: My husband has been wanting a kilt for some time, and a few weeks ago he bought himself a plain linen skirt to wear around the house. What can I say, he's seen how much more comfortable I am in a skirt in a Georgia summer. Not to mention he has great legs (and has been mistaken for Ewan MacGregor), so I'm behind him all the way (as it were).

That said, something about the pose in this photo screams "Mock Scottish glamour shot!"