You know what I'm sick of writing about? GENITAL MUTILATION. Seriously, another day in February = another story about women getting their clitorises brutally cut out of their vulvas. Why is the media so obsessed with covering the 'bad news' of women are getting their labias sewn shut when it never seems to chronicle the billions of women who go through life with perfectly intact vaginas? But hey, it's not my news judgment that feeds this blog, so I might as well let you in on the latest re this guy, Graeme "I'm going to take your clitoris, too" Reeves. To recap: Graeme Reeves is a former OB-GYN who liked to put women under anesthesia, then remove parts of their vaginas. Sometimes he'd get carried away, and remove other organs while he was at it. A woman died at his hands and another woman got cervical cancer, which he ignored, and today it turns out his various hospitals had actually fielded complaints from 800 women! What sort of primitive barbarian society would tolerate such atrocities?

Oh yeah AUSTRALIA. Yeah, I don't get it. I don't get this either. Violent misogynists all over seem to be slipping by unnoticed! I think I am going to go back to sleep now and have some really nice dreams.