Evil Cat Steals French Bulldog Puppy's Bed, Puppy Tries to Get it Back

This adorable French bulldog puppy named Pixel got his bed stolen by a Calico cat who gives zero fucks.

Cats are assholes that like to steal poor dogs' beds. This is a proven fact documented over and over again. But despite how hard dogs and their human overlords have tried to teach cats (through acts of viral shaming) that this is not appropriate behavior, cats continue to laugh in their faces. Once our Cat Overlords have claimed these beds as their own, there is little more we can do besides sit back and pray that they don't come for our other personal possessions and valuables as well. Poor puppy. You tried. You really did try.

H/t Laughing Squid.

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Haha. I love the cut to the cat lying down curled up. That cat is like "Yeah I'm just gonna nap now, LMK when you're done with this futile enterprise."