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Everything's Coming Up Jane

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Sassy may be long gone, but memories of the magazine are suddenly everywhere. One day after former Sassy editor Jane Pratt's confirmation that she had an affair with Drew Barrymore, news arrives that downtown Manhattan rock club Sin-e — where Sassy cool kids like Pratt, Christina Kelly & Karen Catchpole hung out when not working — is closing its doors. And don't forget the buzz on Pratt's new Sirius radio show (scheduled to premiere next week) and the April launch of How Sassy Changed My Life, an affectionate but straightforward "love letter" of the rise and fall of the influential teen title. (Look in this space soon for a Q&A with the book's authors, Marisa Meltzer and Kara Jesella).


Gentrification Blues: Requiem For A Cozy, Unassuming Rock Club [NYTimes]

Pratt Hit Sirius Sirius Airwaves, Drops Bombshell [NYPost]

How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter To The Greatest Teen Magazine Of All Time

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