The Wimbledon Winners Party at London's Hotel Intercontinental brought out Serena, Rogers, and a slew of tennis bigs - and these are celebs we don't mind feting.

The framing around the breasts is the kind of lingerie detailing I don't love on Serena Williams, but she still looks lovely. Oh, hold that thought - US Weekly just told me she could stand to improve her Wimbledon-winning, professional athlete body, so I should probably reevaluate my standards.

Okay, Annabel Croft's getup is skewing a leetle prom '95, no? Wouldn't you love to see her in, a feminine Lanvin, or, ooh! Maybe a youthful Rodarte!


Cliff Richard's striped jacket just screams "former pop star comfortable with his place in the world."


This is dedication: Mirka Federer represents; Roger wears victory really easily these days.

Former Wimbledon Referee Alan Mills is a CBE. This lady, charming in neutrals, is described as his "guest." I hate it when they don't bother to ID them.


"Former tennis player Virginia Wade" has an athlete's physical ease; she even succeeds in not being totally worn by an almost-blinding jacket.

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