Everyone Was Banging During Hurricane Sandy and Now They're Pregnant

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If you notice that a chunk of your East Coast acquaintances are scheduled to have babies some time between mid July and mid August, that might be because none of us could keep our hands off of each other during Hurricane Sandy. At least that's according to the New York Post, which — as we all know — never sensationalizes anything.


"We started noticing a couple of weeks ago that we were getting really busy with phone calls and lab results and charts. We were like, what is going on here?" Linda Roberts, a nurse manager at an OB/GYN office in Westchester, tells the paper. "And then all of a sudden, it dawned on me! This is right about the time when people would be coming in because they got pregnant during Hurricane Sandy."

Westchester isn't the only place seeing a rise in pregnancies. Dr. Jacques Moritz of St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital (who also runs his own practice in Midtown Manhattan) says that he's noticed a spike as well.

"Oh yeah, we've seen our share of Sandy babies," he said. "I've had five or six who have come in and pointed out to me, ‘This is a Sandy baby!'... This group will be known as Sandy babies and proud of it. They have no qualms on that."

It's not unusual to see a baby boom following traumatic events such as 9/11, hurricanes and blackouts — all times when people find themselves in need of comfort and without easy access to birth control.

Many, like Staten Island's Jennifer Adamo, are thrilled to have a little Sandy baby on the way. "Even though this baby is a surprise, it was such a great thing for our families after the devastation of the storm," she said. "My boyfriend's parents' house on Staten Island had really significant damage. [The baby] has put a smile back on his parents' faces for the first time in a long time. We're all really happy." (That is legitimately quite sweet.)

So basically, we East Coasters collectively Ice Storm'd ourselves. P.S. I might be pregnant with a box of mac'n'cheese after rigorously making love to my dry goods collection. Feel free to leave your congratulations in the comments.


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I figured it was just a yearly thing, where everyone was getting it on when it got cold out. My mother freely admits that I was born in September because she was cold on New Years Eve and things happened.