Everyone Wants Kate Middleton's Nose

All women want to be Kate Middleton: so badly that, according to new data, they would drink her blood to absorb her special princessy elixir if given the opportunity. No just kidding, but the most requested celebrity facial feature of the year in the U.K. is her nose, according to data from the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group.

Her cute lil schnoz is followed by Cheryl Cole's dimpled cheeks (I'm not necessarily surprised you can procure fake dimples, because it's a very strange world, but really? That's a thing people do?), Myleen Klass' chin (who?), Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's eyes (which are nice, but pretty sure they're "sultry" because of her makeup) and Nicole Scherzinger's mouth (which I would venture to guess is not 100% hers! But who knows. Why am I thinking so hard about body parts so early in the morning?)


Men want Robert Pattinson's jaw, Ashton Kutcher's cheeks, Jude Law's nose, Ryan Gosling's lips, and Zac Efron's eyes. Yawn.


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