Everyone Should Be Saved by a Lifeguard Dog

Though this dog is clearly a puppy-saver, I would happily throw myself into rip current if this diligent animal was perched adorably on top of a lifeguard stand with a little whistle around its neck, ready to save me. For that matter, I'd hurl myself off of a ski lift if it meant that a big St. Bernard would drag me back to the lodge and let me nestle upon him in front of the fireplace. With all due respect to those brave men and women in the emergency rescue racket, the world would be a much fuzzier place if dogs took over fire fighting, ambulance driving, Coast Guarding, and emergency room surgery. I mean, I know they don't have hands or anything, but some dogs are pretty handy with their paws and I don't think it'd be too much of stretch for some enterprising dog trainer to teach a generation of Jack Russell terriers how to make stitches.


via Buzzfeed

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But how did the little dog get in the water? With a video camera taping? That dog is amazing, but what's up with the owners?