Everyone Sees Themselves In Hello Kitty • China Mixes Opera With Hip Hop For Olympics Cheerleaders

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Hello Kitty's success could be explained because consumers viewed her as a "blank canvas" of possibility and could mean different things to different people. One thing: she is always adorbs!• In less than a decade, STDs among Americans 45-years-old and older has doubled. Maybe 'tis time to practice what you preach about safe sex, parents? • There are no "dangerous dogs," only irresponsible and dangerous dog-owners. • China prepares 600 cheerleaders, who mix "elements from traditional Peking opera into more typical hip-hop routines" for the Olympics. So kinda like Carmen: A Hip-Hopera in Beijing? • Debrett's Etiquette Guide For Girls will be republished in a new edition this fall, with updated rules such as no grunting or screaming at the gym.


• Yet another tale of a creepy pageant mom who spends $600 a month on beauty treatments on her 11-year-old daughter. • A new study shows that women who are already "subfertile" worsen their chances of infertility by drinking coffee. • More weird studies! Adults who were born at a low birth-weight tend to leave the nest later in life. • A father in Georgia killed his 25-year-old daughter after she said she wanted to divorce the husband with whom she had an arranged marriage. • A neighboring town to Gloucester, MA mocked the towns now infamous "pregnancy pact" teens in a July Fourth Horribles parade. • Ew! A woman spent half of her day with a baby bat hiding in her bra before she noticed it. • The family of the woman who died on the floor of the Kings County Hospital psychiatric ER plans to sue the city and call for criminal charges. • Could a gene variant make women more prone to alcoholism through endorphin release? Well, it happened in some lab mice. • Two tween-aged girls are missing from a foster home in California, as is their parent's Lexus. • Violence between romantic partners is common among college students with men most likely to perpetrate sexual violence and women more likely to perpetrate physical violence. • Doctors are planning to introduce a cheaper (and less effective) form of in vitro in Africa, where infertility and a stigma attached to it can be stronger than in the West. • Cute video of the day! My favorite Japanese doggy troublemaker gets more than he bargained for when he tries to play with a pack of 5000 dachshund pups!



@rmric0: Ha! I laugh at your naivete, spelled without the accent but you get the idea.

Youth sports are for showing off your own genetic prowess as evidenced by the fantastical athletic abilities of the fruit of your loins. Inclusion? Ha! EXclusion is the name of this game. How can you be a winner if there aren't any losers? And what better way to show your right to superior natural selection than by tarting up your six-year-old in sequins and frosted eye shadow?