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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Everyone Loves Lindsay Lohan's Luxe Leggings

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Clearly, LiLo has found her calling: purveyor of last year's trends! The former-redhead's leggings have sold out at Intuition boutique in L.A. and the waiting list grows longer by the day. [<a href="

  • Kill me right now. Agyness Deyn, "currently the most in-demand model on the planet, wowed 45,000 ecstatic fans when she sang with New York band Five O'Clock Heroes at the T4 On The Beach party. Agyness looked in her element as she took the stage and launched into Who, her recent single with the rockers." [This Is London]
  • Serenity-challenged Naomi Campbell falls out with with yet another agency, this time IMG model management. 'It is being smoothed over as a creative difference but there was a disagreement,' says a source. [This Is London]
  • In a more boring breakup, Daisy Lowe also splits from IMG ; says the agency, "She's a beautiful girl and we wish her well." [Fashionista]
  • So, Rachel Bilson's line for DKNY hits in September. Early reports? "At first glance, the line is edgy with Bilson's relaxed style showing through in each of the pieces." It's all black and white, with one yellow thing. [Sassybella]
  • Article on Roberto Cavalli you MUST READ. Here's a sample: "He loves his blue-and-yellow macaw, which is quietly minding its own business on a large gold birdstand in the dining room. 'I love you I love you I love you!' Cavalli shrieks ecstatically, as the bird squawks. He brings his face up close and tries to kiss it. The parrot swipes its beak perilously close to Cavalli's nose." Oh, he's also going to start producing wine. [The Guardian]
  • According to, um, Perez Hilton, one of Miley Cyrus' backup dancers was "spotted" wearing a tank from the Perez Hilton for Hot Topic line. [Perez Hilton]
  • YSL art collection expected to fetch up to 250 million pounds. [Times of London]
  • Gucci names new marketing and communications director. [WWD]
  • Designer Paul Smith gives a whole interview on "how to look dapper." Then kinda ruins/makes the whole thing by saying, "When it comes down to it, I have absolutely no problem with the way anyone dresses at all. Who the hell cares? Being 'well dressed' is as much about a person's behaviour, manners and posture as it is about what they're wearing." Hey, you're the one working in fashion, pal. [Telegraph]
  • Tyson Beckford declares the "age of the supermodel" to be over. He also counts himself as one of them. [Daily Express]
  • Ad sales way down for crucial September-issue fashion magazines. [WWD]
  • In the world of designer sunglasses, getting a preview of these Proenza Schouler shades qualifies as a big deal. [New York Magazine]
  • Wal-Mart's back-to-school collection very likely the least glamorous fashion show ever. [Reuters]
  • Sign of things to come: "thrifty chic" is all the rage with the teen set. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Which makes it kind of hard to understand how "Gossip Girl is saving retail." Cause chic Blair and Serena might be, but thrifty? [The Street]
  • Frumpy old Avon apparently wants to go glam. Instead, they've gone random, hiring Reese Witherspoon, Lauren Conrad and Patrick Dempsey as celeb mugs. [Business Week]
  • Vogue novelty intern Sean Avery is now hanging around at Marie Claire, for some reason. "Avery, who stayed a few hours, was in plaid shorts and carrying a huge garment bag stuffed with clothing from The Row, the Olsen twins' line." [Page Six]
  • Defying market chill, Zara launches accessories line. [The Independent]
  • Meanwhile, Italian thesp Jo Champa has been made something called a "celebrity contributing editor" (I'm guessing their deadlines are flexible) for Vogue Italia. Who exactly is she? Well, as her editor Franca Sozzani says, 'to define Champa is "impossible . . . I only know she is unique."' Which we are now saying about everything. [Page Six]
  • Nike's attempt to dominate the Beijing games is apparently totally out of control. [The Independent]
  • Alessandra Gucci has inherited her family's "passion for leather goods," named a bag after herself. [WWD]<

    li>"In a move that makes him the emperor of designer cool, Renzo Rosso, the owner of Diesel and of hip young denim brands, has taken a controlling stake in Viktor & Rolf, the label of the Dutch duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren." [IHT]
  • Anna Wintour is sorta-kinda going to be a step-grandmother; her onetime-stepson's wife is expecting, as is her longtime beau's daughter. Got that? [Page Six]
  • Berlin, which the Times refers to rather snidely as "an aspiring fashion hub and perennial economic also-ran" hosts its own fashion week. The German capital is trying to boost its fashion rep, although its street style, as any hipster can tell you, is already ace. '"You'd never see people here taking a look straight from the runway," said Hadnet Tesfai, a host for German MTV, who also writes about fashion for Bild, a daily newspaper. "But when it comes to design, when it comes to style, on the streets and people being creative, that's where Berlin comes first."' [New York Times]
  • The German press, however, contends that some designers did not comply with the health minister's rules that all models be over 16 and at least a size 2 - preferring, it would seem, to adhere to the grand tradition of sickly children. [Fashionista]
  • Citing the rise of childhood obesity in England, British school-uniform makers are extending the sizes to include women's size 18 (about a 14, U.S.) It is refrred to tactfully as the "generous fit" range, which certainly has a nicer ring to it than "husky." The Telegraph's headline, "Dress Size 18 for Obese Schoolgirls" is somewhat less sensitive. [Telegraph]
  • Looks like West Coast department store chain Mervyn's might be another casualty of the economy. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Great. 61% of lipsticks tested were found to contain lead. [Sydney Morning Herald
  • Hong Kong luxury retailer Lane Crawford makes a push for main-land prestige with major Chinese star power. [WWD]
  • Knockoff designer duds seized, confiscated, sent to poverty-stricken folks 'overseas.' Those had better be some good fakes. [The Star]
  • Seems redundant, but Juicy Couture has launched its first sleep line, the somewhat causy-sounding "Choose Sleep by Juicy Intimate Apparel," [WWD]
  • Confusingly-named British model Ben Grimes is launching a fashion line. The capsule collection will be "made up of silk dresses, cropped jackets, shorts and separates, with what the girls describe as a Seventies influence and a focus on the the search for the perfect dress." [ElleUK]
  • Want to smell like Karl Lagerfeld looks? No? Well, if you did, now you could, with one of his trio of "Kapsule" fragrances. They're unisex - sorry, "genderless." [New York Magazine]