Everyone Lies Online, About Everything, All the Time

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According to a new survey of 19,500 U.S. members on WhatsYourPrice.com, a seeking arrangements site where "wealthy" men bid on dates with women, one third of New Yorkers lie in their online profiles. For shame, New Yorkers! You seem like such an honest people.


But, uh, the rest of us can't judge all you liars, because we're apparently just as bad.

According to the survey:

The most honest cities:

1. Men Houston 95% Women Charlotte 93%
2. Men Phoenix 94% Women Houston 92%
3. Men Boston 92% Women Minneapolis 90%
4. Men Pittsburgh 91% Women Seattle 90%
5. Men Chicago 91% Women Phoenix 89%

The least honest cities, % of liars & their most common lies:

1. Men 37% Washington D.C. (Career & Education)
Women 39% Las Vegas (Age & Career)

2. Men 35% San Francisco (Career & Money Earned)
Women 37% Washington D.C. (Career & Education)

3. Men 34% New York (Everything)
Women 36% Atlanta (Age & Weight)

4. Men 33% Philadelphia (Height & Money Earned)
Women 35% Los Angeles (Age & Weight)

5. Men 31% Miami (Relationship Status & Height)
Women 33% New York (Age & Career)

Of course, you gotta keep in mind the source, because it's possible that the men on a dating site targeted at wealthy men might lie about about their career. No big surprise. However, what I don't get is, you eventually have to meet the other person in, well, person, so doesn't it behoove everyone to be honest? Cousin Larry can't post a picture of Balki, and not expect his date to be disappointment when he shows up for the date at Wrigley Field.

I met my boyfriend online and my ad was basically like, "fat vred headed vegan seeks genius nerdburger," and that's totally what I got. To be fair, I also received pictures of penises with the subject line "is my dick vegan enough for you!?" Honestly, I thought it was kinda creative until the tenth one, and then I was just bored. (Now, the time I got a dick pic when I was selling a couch — that was impressive.)

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Re: DC people lying about career and education.

I'm sure this comes as no shock to ANYONE in DC where anyone you meet is all "what do you do?" and the response is all "I work to integrate our systems and synergize and it's really exciting!" or the bro version, "yeah man I work for Senator X and I'm pretty fucking important." And it's like, no, you look at spreadsheets on your screen like everyone else and it's not that exciting. And then someone in the conversation is all "uh huh yeah" while looking over shoulders for someone more important.