I know it was a Monday and all, but even so, I was shocked at the good turnout for the Tropic Thunder premiere at Hollywood's Mann theatre last night. I guess, as Woody Allen said, the heart wants what the heart wants, and apparently Hollywood's heart really wanted to see Robert Downey Jr. in blackface. Accordingly, TomKat, Christine Taylor, Tobey Maguire, Amy Adams, Jena Malone, Alicia Silverstone and more all turned out in force. Looking crummy for the most part, but still, showing love. And that's what counts... sort of. After the jump!

The Good:

From that first Vera Wang at the Oscars, Amy Adams has never been afraid to do romantic.

I've liked Christine Taylor since Hey Dude. She looks darling. Good story, huh?
The Meh:


Tobey Maguire's main squeeze Jennifer Meyer is rocking a good shape, but I can't help finding the print a tad bit Fauvist nightmare.


Alicia Silverstone's dress isn't awful but it's not terribly engaging, and while I get that the belt's supposed to add interest, it also adds fug.

Is that a leather bodice? Yes, it's a leather bodice.


I actually think Laura Ramsey could have pulled off this Lisa Frank print if she'd obeyed the Fingertip Rule, but without it there's just a gravitas deficit.
The Bad:

Maria Menounos is kind of channeling futuristic cocktail in this harsh frock.


I am so friggin sick of having to explain to people like Justin Theroux that they are not members of the Rat Pack, nor mid-century jazz musicians, nor in 1997 or whenever Swingers came out, and as such have no business wearing pork-pie hats, the uniform of The Ass.

I guess if the Picasso breast is what you're aiming for, the stunning Rashida Jones has achieved it.
The Ugly:


Obviously Jena Malone's hair is for a role, right? But the combat boots? Unless she's getting method for the role of a 1993 middle-schooler (plausible I guess) this is just not on.

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