Everyone Breaks Up Over the Holidays: 'Dear John' Letters From Literary Greats

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Since everyone's always breaking up over Christmas, let's steal gain inspiration for our relationship's final words from our bookish brethren.

Emily Temple at the Atlantic compiled some doozies, and I'm laughing, crying, and saying a few "OH DAAAAYAM"s whilst reading. It's all so enjoyable and cathartic! Some are sasstastic (sorry) (but Anaïs Nin, GIRL), and some are beyond heartbreaking. I barely made it through Virginia Woolf's without cuddling a cat.

FWIW, I love Edith Wharton's use of the ampersand & I think we'd totally get along xoxo. Let's all move to Paris!

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Kat Callahan

I wonder what Honest Abe (boy does he sound completely dishonest in this letter) would have done if Mary Owens had "deliberated on it maturely" and still insisted on the engagement.

Genealogy fact about me, I am some sort of cousin to Mary Todd Lincoln.